Dr Anikó Ball is a presenter at the following events:

Ergonomics, posture and the perils of being a dentist

Hosted by ENT for Dental Practitioners

As a dental practitioner you are required to lean forward, often contorting yourself around patients, and hold noisy equipment that can also vibrate in your hands. These add up to potential pain and suffering over time. This course is aimed at educating you about risks you may be unaware of, and unconscious harmful work posture habits most practitioners have developed, addressing them with both theoretical and hands on experiential learning. This course is like no other that you will ever come across.

The lead organiser is Professor David McIntosh, an ENT surgeon. ENT surgeons are prone to the same postural maladjustments that dentists are, both when consulting and operating, and for many years David has held an interest in body movement and biomechanics. Having heard how many dentists were suffering occupational chronic pain, he was motivated to bring together a diverse group of experts to help dentists live a full life and sustain a pain free career.

Dr Anikó Ball, a dentist, will present on Dental Posture and Ergonomics - what every dental practitioner needs to know, and give you individual, direct kinaesthetic experience of optimal postures around the dental chair after assessing your habitual work postures.

She lived through years of occupational chronic pain, determined to get well. Unfortunately all the physical therapies and remedies she received provided only short term symptom relief, until she learned to recognise and change her harmful habitual work postures with the help of the Inner Ergonomic principles of the Alexander Technique. She completed a 1600 hour training course in the Alexander Studies and founded Optimum Dental Posture to save her colleagues from suffering.

Hiram Brooke is an exercise physiologist whose main focus, in his presentation and practical group work in the afternoon, will be on assessing body movement patterns. He will look at the fine physical details of how you move, sit, walk. He will make you aware of movement pattern deviations which will cause trauma over time.

The seminar is supported by Attune Audiology, with a presentation by an Attune audiologist, who will advise on noise induced hearing loss and organise for the fitting of noise reduction musician’s ear plugs.

The seminars will also take advantage of local personal trainers, physical therapists or yoga instructors, depending on the location, to contribute to the afternoon’s practical group training segments.

Dental practitioners, who attended this seminar in Brisbane and Caloundra recently, found it very informative and helpful as well as fun.


Saturday 16 September 2017

8.30am - 5 pm 

3 - 5 Loughnan Road, Ringwood


Saturday 11 November 2017

8.30am - 5 pm

Level 4, 307 Pitt Street, Sydney

Numbers are strictly limited to ensure everyone gets time for individual assessments. To secure your place please call 07 5451 0333 or contact ENT for Dental Practitioners through the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ENTforDentists/

Overcoming and preventing work related chronic pain in dental hygiene practice

DHAA 2018 Symposium

18th– 20th October 2018, Cairns Convention Centre

11th International Alexander Technique Congress

July 29th – August 4th 2018

Loyola University, Chicago USA